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Ten Years of Travel

I’ve never been so filthy, wet, thirsty, hungry, lonely, happy or inspired. I was scared at times, but not too bad. I found out where all the cool people were hanging out; the ones I was always looking for at home. I lost all my shoes and lived barefoot for a long time. I cut my own hair, using my pocketknife. I bought a machete to compliment the 4-battery Maglite that I carried in my pack. I indulged in my ferocious appetite for books, deep conversation and exploring my boundaries.

One weekend in North Idaho

We packed up our tent and drove to a camping spot I’d found in the Coeur d’Alene Mountains from where we could see the monster we just climbed. On our way a male moose took a good stare at us, and while we were setting up our tent on a hidden meadow, a Bald Eagle (American Eagle) flew casually overhead. As the sun set over our dead-silent camp we made a strong fire and rewarded our efforts with several beers. Life doesn’t get much better than this.