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Be Informed About the American Redoubt

Redoubters stand apart from white supremacist in activity. Recently voiced intent to rally in cities across the country come from white supremacists, while redoubters prefer to sit quietly on their 20+ acres of woods with nuclear-war resistant bunkers, market shares in precious metals, freeze-dried food and 50,000 gallons of propane gas buried in the backyard.


Ten Years of Travel

I’ve never been so filthy, wet, thirsty, hungry, lonely, happy or inspired. I was scared at times, but not too bad. I found out where all the cool people were hanging out; the ones I was always looking for at home. I lost all my shoes and lived barefoot for a long time. I cut my own hair, using my pocketknife. I bought a machete to compliment the 4-battery Maglite that I carried in my pack. I indulged in my ferocious appetite for books, deep conversation and exploring my boundaries.