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She looks up to the sky.
“Sometimes I see long stripes in the air. Is that how you came here?”
“Yes I did. Those are airplanes…”
“Airplanes, I know.”
I think she has heard the word before, but doesn’t quite understand the concept.
“They’re just like the bus, only they fly,” I explain.


Puma Cat

At knee height there is a 15cm hole in the fence. She squats down by it and says, “Stick your arm through the fence” as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. Tentatively but excited I do as she says. She calls, and out of the thick jungle, emerges a massive bulk of muscle and teeth and fir and claws, and it is coming straight at me. My eyes meet his eyes and I feel locked in its stare, his head never moves as he keenly approaches.

Ten Years of Travel

I’ve never been so filthy, wet, thirsty, hungry, lonely, happy or inspired. I was scared at times, but not too bad. I found out where all the cool people were hanging out; the ones I was always looking for at home. I lost all my shoes and lived barefoot for a long time. I cut my own hair, using my pocketknife. I bought a machete to compliment the 4-battery Maglite that I carried in my pack. I indulged in my ferocious appetite for books, deep conversation and exploring my boundaries.